Sheridan Road Charitable Foundation Partners With NFL Players Association and Affiliated Charities


Northbrook, Illinois, March 2, 2017 – The Sheridan Road Charitable Foundation announced its partnership with the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) and affiliated charities at a reception Thursday evening. Over 75 people, including a dozen former NFL players and executives from the NFL Players Association, attended the event. Sheridan Road Charitable Foundation’s media partner, JWC Media, covered the event. Tom Serpento, the Executive Director of the of the organization’s Chicago Chapter, discussed the goals of the NFLPA, such as player wellness, as well as the organization’s primary focus to give back to the communities in which they serve.

The Sheridan Road Charitable Foundation plans to collaborate with The NFP Players Association, the Gale Sayers Family Foundation, and the Sanfilippo Family Foundation to actively support and improve the lives of children in under resourced communities. “We have always supported helping children in our local communities and finding ways in which we can improve their educational and social outcomes. We believe these organizations share our passion and commitment to achieve these goals,” said Daniel Bryant, President of The Sheridan Road Charitable Foundation.

About the Sheridan Road Charitable Foundation

The Sheridan Road Charitable Foundation (the “Foundation”) was established in 2013 and is led by an engaged and dedicated board, advisory board, and Women’s Board. The Foundation’s mission is to provide philanthropic and financial support to a number of established social service and research organizations that focus on improving our educational system, empowering under resourced communities and assisting cutting edge cancer research institutions. For more information, please visit

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